02 June 2010

Enlarged Renal Pelvis

Ross and I went to our 24 week midwife appointment expecting everything to be fine and got a little bit of a shock when Jill told us that the ultrasound tech found an enlargement of the renal pelvis (in the 95th percentile). He had told us that he didn't see anything abnormal, so it was a bit unexpected to hear that there was a problem.

We were told not to worry too much because it is very common and usually resolves itself. Jill told us that she needed to send us to a perinatologist for a follow-up ultrasound. Apparently, if the condition gets bad, we would have to go with a hospital birth... which is the one thing I most wanted to avoid. She kept reassuring us not to worry because it is so common and she has seen it many times before and only two had to go with hospital births, but we all know telling us not to worry is useless!

And, silly me, I had to go and look it up online when I got home. That certainly didn't help my anxiety level! That's where I discovered that it can signal Down's Syndrome, especially if it's very large (like 95th percentile perhaps?). Dealing with a normal, healthy pregnancy has been hard enough for two people who had intended to stay child-free, so news of a possible problem just adds to the stress. We were starting to get used to the idea of a child, but this just brought us back around again. UGH! I'm trying to stay calm and positive.

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