27 March 2010

Typically Uneventful

Things have been pretty uneventful all around. It's that time of year when the weather is too weird to really do much outside and inside is just driving you crazy. I'm also in the boring start of the second trimester when illness fades and baby grows slowly.

We have an appointment with the midwife on April 6th and should be able to listen to the heartbeat then. If we decide to determine gender ahead of time, early May should be our first (and hopefully only) ultrasound. It seems like a good 90% of the moms in my "Due in September" group have had dozens of ultrasounds already. Most already found out the gender at around 15 weeks. Ross and I are both pretty much the "we'll do it if there's reason to" kind of people when it comes to ultrasounds. We had actually been pretty set on trying to go completely without ultrasounds, but now we are seriously considering it primarily for the purpose of finding out the gender.

Shaun and Gretchen had a cookout at their place tonight... well, Shaun and Schley cooked out while the rest of us chatted inside until supper time. It was still a bit chilly out, but they needed an excuse to put together the new grill. Nathanial is just as tiny as he was in the hospital and quite the sleeper. I must have held him over an hour and he never made a peep... just a little squirming now and then to snuggle in. Evie seems to pretty much be trying to ignore the fact she's now a big sister and does her own thing. Gretchen said she's been acting out a bit to get attention, but anyone with more than one kid knows that's not too uncommon and eventually (mostly) goes away.

It was finally a good day. Got through it without a nap. Something about early pregnancy made me a bit narcoleptic! I'd also been having some pretty nasty nausea since about the start of week 13, but that didn't give me much trouble today... just a single bout this morning that passed quickly once I ate a bit. I am wearing down now though. It's nearing eleven at night and I've been in the habit of getting to bed at nine-ish the last several weeks. Hopefully as the weeks progress and summer moves in, there will be more to chatter on about. Until then, I need to lay my weary head on my pillow. G'night all!

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