23 November 2009

Move Complete

Well, the move of this journal to a new location is now complete. I apologize for any confusion or difficulty that anyone had to deal with.

The move was made to protect myself and my readers from a hateful individual that was in my life. Apparently, despite years of being open about it, I was "ambushed" by an uncle of mine over my religious beliefs. I think I can sum up how low the conversation went just by telling you that he repeatedly told me that if he ever sees me he will "stone" me for my "ridiculous beliefs." He feels that my beliefs, which I've held since I was a child, are "just a cry for attention." Several of my family members and friends are very angry over this... to the point that many of us have severed all ties. It is unfortunate that it came to that point, but I know that I personally have enough drama in my life without his contribution. I don't need to associate with a man who hates me simply because I do not hold identical views to his when it comes to religion.

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