08 February 2010

Spotting and Sickness

Had a little spotting yesterday, but it seemed to stop as quickly as it started. Nothing since.

It feels weird keeping the news from so many people. There have been a few times I almost slipped with something... and I wonder if the same as been true for my mom and sister. None of us are really talking about it. I think Mom and Angel are afraid to say too much and get too excited.

The morning sickness has been really mild. I feel a little sickish in the early morning, but it goes away pretty quickly if I hang out in bed for a few minutes before I get up. Occasionally during the day I'll get a whiff of something or move too quickly and I get a little wave of nausea... but it passes if I stand still for a minute. Other than that, it's been a little heartburn and impressive cup-size increasing.

On that note... time for some breakfast.

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